GUARDIAN Corporate Profile

We have been building a wide range engineering projects in Hong Kong for more than 32 years (1972). We provide an extensive and comprehensive one-stop-shop engineering consultation to its clients. In addition, our enigeering consultants are able to consolidate various aspects of new knowledge and technology, to accurately master the differing requirements of developers, architects, designers, engineers and landscape designers and to provide them with high-quality, professional services.

Major Service

Our major scope of services provided include the design, installation and maintenance of the following electrical and mechanical works : – Fire Services – Plumbing and Drainage – Electrical Supply and Distribution System – Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning


To design, supply, install, maintain, and manage value added E&M projects for global land developers and contractors in Asia.



– 100% focus on customer needs and buildup long-term relationships

– Comprehensive range of E&M engineering services offer

– Best top management and professional technical competence

– Innovative and flexible approaches to meet on

– time & high quality services in various projects